Are you TIRED of feeling LOST, SAD, DEPRESSED, and OVERWHELMED by the vicious cycle of Drugs and Alcohol?

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Can’t seem to shake your unhealthy DRUG habits? ERP Therapy of Danbury, Connecticut is here for you. Using exposure response prevention (ERP) therapy, our behavioral health care professionals will help you or a loved one fight cravings and overcome substance abuse problems.

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If you or a loved one is currently struggling with addiction, please contact ERP Therapy to learn about our innovative addiction treatments. We’re here to help you overcome your drug habits and lead a healthier and more prosperous life.

Call (888) 8-Care4U to schedule an appointment with ERP Therapy in Danbury, CT. We look forward to helping you fight your addiction.


Give Your Clients The Upper Hand, In the Battle Over Their Addiction

Become an ERP Therapist

Health care professionals can give their clients a fighting chance at recovery by adding this vital component to their practice.

By becoming CERTIFIED in this beak through therapy, you will assist your clients in inoculating them from cravings. Therefore, making a difference in their substance abuse aiming towards recovery. Go to the Learn More section and become familiar with what the training entails.

Kill The Craving

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