DMT (a.k.a. Dimitri)

DMT is a synthetic drug producing intense but relatively short-lived hallucinogenic experiences.

What are the short term effects of DMT?

Intense visual hallucinations, auditory issues, altered perception of time & body image. These effects last about 30-45 minutes. The physical effects include Hypertension, increased heart rate, agitation, seizures, dilated pupils, rapid eye movements, dizziness & incoordination.

What are the long-term effects of DMT?

The long-term effects are unknown. However, other health related issues include coma & respiratory arrest at high doses.

What are the symptoms of withdrawal?

There are no symptoms of withdrawal.

How is DMT used?

It can be smoked or injected.

What does it look like?

DMT is a white or yellow crystalline powder.