I've tried everything else and nothing has worked. So, let's try something different.


I thought it was like a complete head trip. What are they going to put in front of me?"


It seemed like a unique and effective way to deal with long term addiction and recovery.


It was like I was saying no to the devil. If I can do it here repeatedly, I can do it outside treatment.


It throws you in a real world situation of using. It gave me some tools to deal with the cravings when the times comes.


The statements gave me hope and when I thought about what I'd been through, it disgusted me.


Thru the cognitive scripts it made me think about my life and the life of others around me. When I have an urge to use, the cognitive scripts make me think to do the next right thing.


The cognitive scripts are tailored to the individual and going thru the session you begin to apply them to yourself and it really hits home.


ERP has definitely helped me.