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How Addicted Are You?

If you have not already done so, now is the time to take the Addiction Intensity Scale (AIS) test. Please take a few minutes now to take the AIS.

If your AIS score is in the moderate or severe level of addiction intensity, then you can proceed with community support groups and/or a qualified professionals to work on these issues. If you scored at the catastrophic AIS level then, before proceeding, you will need to enter an intensive outpatient treatment program (you may also require some time in a residential treatment program as well). We recommend that you enter the intensive outpatient program prior to using ERP. Your score suggests that your addiction has reached an advanced stage and requires more intensive treatment.

If your AIS score is at the terminal level of intensity then you will definitely need a residential treatment program and you should not attempt ERP until you have safely entered one. ERP will not be helpful to you without the safety and intensive treatment that a residential program provides. Please follow our advice in this regard to the letter.